Cruising in Tasmania

Cruising Safely in Tasmania

The following document details the minimum safety requirements for vessels participating in the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (RYCT) cruising events in south-east Tasmanian waters. Longer distance cruises such as the VDL Circumnavigation cruises have additional requirements specific to that cruise.

These include all Marine and Safety Tasmania requirements for non-commercial vessels operating in Tasmanian waters, and additional items determined by the Cruising Sub-Committee to be appropriate for these events.

Click here for the Cruising Safety Requirements

Cruising Presentation

The RYCT was invited to give a presentation for the Down Under Rally held this year in Bundaberg. The presentation was a great way to showcase and promote our club to the wider national and international community.

Our club member Larni Davies has compiled the presentation with contributions from our Rear Commodore Claire Cunningham and RYCT Member Campbell Pennefather . Larni co-runs a professional guiding company (more information here: and works with Tourism Australia and Tourism Tasmania so has excellent knowledge and experience about all the great things Tasmania has to offer. Larni frequently cruises Tasmanian waters with her husband Nick and two children on their motor cruiser.

Campbell Pennefather kindly agreed to present on behalf of our club.  Campbell has participated in 2 previous Van Diemen’s Land Circumnavigation (VDL-C) Cruises run by our club and owns a sailing vessel based in the RYCT Marina.  Campbell lives in Brisbane and travelled to Bundaberg to present.

You can find a copy of the presentation here.