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5-knot limit in Sandy Bay Point to Marina and Marieville Mooring Area

Boat owners are reminded there is a designated 5 knot limit 200m offshore at low water from the western end of Nutgrove, eastwards to off the Sandy Bay Sailing Club. If boats are transiting at speed from the RYCT and DSS Marinas and the Marieville mooring area, please ensure you are a safe distance off-shore. The area is used by windsurfers and kite ... More

Notice of AGM 2020

THE ROYAL YACHT CLUB OF TASMANIA A.C.N. 009 585 059 A.B.N. 27 009 585 059 NOTICE TO MEMBERS 139th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING   Notice is hereby given that the 139th Annual General Meeting of The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania will be held at the Clubhouse on Wednesday, 30th day of September Two Thousand and Twenty at 6.00pm.   BUSINESS... More