Who’s Who of Derwent yachting win again

  • February 24, 2019

Roger Jackman’s Doctor Who and Don Calvert’s Intrigue on Saturday day showed they still head the who’s who of yacht racing on Hobart’s River Derwent, each notching up another win the Combined Clubs Summer Pennant.
With two more Pennant race days to complete the summer season, Doctor Who, skippered by Rod Jackman, has a commanding points lead in both IRC and PHS handicap categories. Intrigue holds a similar margin in AMS.
Both yachts were designed and built in the 1980s, Doctor Who, a Davidson 62 in 1983 with a Sydney Hobart division win to her credit; Intrigue, a Castro 40 built in 1985 and an Admiral’s Cup team boat.
Today’s course was an extended river day race, with Division 1 sailing 32 nautical miles to Yellow Bluff and return, Divisions 2,3 and 4 to Bull Bay and Blackmans Bay, 25 nautical miles. Conditions were perfect with an 18 knot sou’-easter.

Heatwave (Div 1) and Ingenue (Div 4) head for the finish from different sailing angles.

Doctor Who won Division 1 IRC from Intrigue, third place going to Shaun Tiedemann’s Philosopher.
Intrigue won AMS from B&G Advantage, Jeff Cordell’s Mumm 36 which won the inaugural Tasmanian AMS championship last weekend. Assagai, Chris Sheehan’s Melges 32, placed third.
Zephyr (Ian Johnston) won Division 1 PHS from Assagai and Gavin Adamson’s Madness.
Wings Three (Peter Haros) had a good day in Division 2, winning IRC, AMS and placing third in PHS, won by Frontline (Ian Snape).

The Fork in the Road with smaller boats astern..

Young 88s again did well in Division 3, Footloose (Stewart Geeves) winning PHS and Young Lion (Steve Chau) placing first on corrected time in both AMS and IRC scoring.
In Division 4, Camlet Way (Stephen Mannering) won her fourth race of the Summer Pennant and is just half a point behind Astroabe (Peter Bosworth) on the leader board.
After seven races in the Combined Clubs Summer Pennant Doctor Who leads Division 1 PHS pointscore from Heatwave and Intrigue and leads IRC from Intrigue and Heatwave.
In Division 2, Wings Three leads in IRC from Rumbeat and Natelle Two, and AMS from Southern Swordfish and Illusion. Southern Swordfish heads the leaderboard in PHS from Natele Two and Rumbeat.

Frontline won Division 2 PHS.

In Division 3, Young Lion heads IRC from Footloose and Moonshadow and AMS from Young One and Moonshadow. Footloose heads PHS from Groove and Trouble.
Astrolabe heads Division 4 PHS by just half a point from Camlet Way and Hornet.
Words and photos: Peter Campbell
24 February 2019