RYCT Off The Beach sailors in schools team racing

  • July 5, 2018

Schools Team Racing

Four teams from Hobart schools, Friends, Fahan, Hutchins and, for the first time, Taroona High School, will contest the 2018 Australian Secondary Schools Team Racing Championships on Port Phillip next week.
Friends and Hutchins are past winners of the championship and have gone on to represent, and win, the Interdominion contest against New Zealand Schools.
Many of the teenage sailors are regular competitors in the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania off-the-beach division, including Sam King who recently was awarded the RYCT Commodore’s Trophy for the Most Outstanding Youthful Participant during the 2017-18 sailing season.
Sam is captain of the Hutchins School team with another club member Nick Smart, the vice-captain.
Helming the Hutchins boats will be Sam King (captain), Nick Smart (vice-captain), William Cooper, Charlie Zeeman with their crews being Howard Tapping, Christopher Eyre, Oliver Hugo and Charlie Salmon.
Coach is Elliot Noye, who last weekend sailed the SB20 Porco Rosso sports boat to second place in the Portuguese national championships. Robbie Tuck is team manager.

Fahan Schools team for the all-female championship.

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron on the southern shores of Port Phillip, is hosting the championship, starting next Wednesday, 11 July and continuing through to Sunday week, 15 July.
The prestigious event, comprising an open championship and an all-female championship, will be sailed in two-person Pacer dinghies, the same craft in which Hobart’s inter-school team sailing contests are held.
Team sailing is where three small dinghies compete as a team and their individual results are added to find the winning team.

Friends School boys team for the nationals.

Races are short, sharp and numerous, requiring good sailing, a good knowledge of the rules and some cunning.
Competing for the first time, the Taroona High team comprises Timmy Vincent, Llovett Taylor-Smith, Miley Fleming, Pallas Taylor-Smith, Lucia Gasparini, Jonty Savory and Fred O’May. Oli Burnell is coach and Jennifer Potter the manager.
The Friends School team once again has a talented line-up of teenage sailors who are among the leading Tasmanian sailors racing Lasers, 29-ers, Flying 11s, Cadets and Optimists out of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and Sandy Bay Sailing Club,
Helming the Friends boats will be Hugo Hamilton, William Sargent, Rupert Hamilton and Brendon Crisp. Their crews will be Eddie Reid, Oscar O’Donogue, Oscar Pritchard and Daniel Maree.
Rohan Langford is coaching the team with Amanda Sargent team manager.
Equally talented girls from Fahan are making another strong tilt at the all-female championship with the team comprising Chloe Abel, Lily Zeeman, Amy Potter, Meg Goodfellow, Laura Cooper, Anabelle Zeeman and Emily Nicholson. Lizzi Rountree from Sandy Bay Sailing Club is coach.

Words: Peter Campbell
Photos: Fahan and Friends Schools, Peter Campbell
5 July 2018