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The Tasmanian Yacht Club, the first in Tasmania was founded in Hobart in 1859 but lapsed. Revived in 1861 it again failed because of lack of guidance and support. In 1874, the Derwent Sailing Boat was formed with some 60 members, and in 1876 its name was changed to the Derwent Yacht Club. When this club lost some of its enterprising spirit, the Derwent Sailing Boat Club was resurrected in 1880. This club has continued ever since and is now the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. In 1884 the name of the club was changed to the Derwent Sailing Club and was again changed back in 1899 to the Derwent Yacht Club. Finally in 1908 a Royal Warrant was granted to “The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania”. In 1910 the present burgee was designed and approved for use by members.

The Club has had many homes, the first being the Bird-in-the-Hand Hotel where mine host, C. Basstian, presided over the first meeting of members of the Tasmanian Yacht Club in 1859. The next home was the Duke of York Hotel, Battery Point, where W. Tarleton presided at meetings of the Derwent Sailing Boat Club in 1874, but in 1878 the Derwent Yacht Club was back at the Bird-in-the-Hand Hotel. After some turbulent years, another group of yachtsmen, dissatisfied with the progress of yachting, met at the Nautilus Hotel in 1880 and formed what is now the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. This hotel, for many years known as the Lord Nelson, now carries the name Knopwoods Retreat and is on the corner of Salamanca Place and Montpelier Retreat.

In 1884 the club meetings were held at the Criterion Hotel, and then followed several attempts to establish a permanent home in various hotels and other premises, until in 1910 a clubhouse was acquired in the National Mutual Building in Macquarie Street. In 1913 the club moved to a new home at the corner of Harrington and Davey Streets, and the final move in the club’s first 100 years was to its present situation on Marieville Esplanade in 1955.
So from small beginnings the RYCT has grown to one of the major sporting clubs of Australia, with its precise object of promoting and encouraging yachting in Tasmania, a proud tradition of competitiveness on the water and equally strong tradition of hospitality to all visitors, to the beautiful club-house on the water front and its superb facilities for yachts and their crews.



We are delighted to introduce our new range of club gear. Fashioned to withstand some of the extreme conditions of Sailing, MUSTO has produced more than just jackets and smocks to endure punishing use from professional and novice sailors. In fact, many are unaware of the both the rich history and technicality of this experienced brand.

Keith Musto arrived in Tokyo as an unlikely choice for the British Olympic sailing squad of 1964. He was too light and short for the heavyweight Flying Dutchman boat he was competing in. Keith and his crew, Tony Morgan, quickly realised that their only chance of winning gold was to be fitter than their opponents. So they did the unthinkable. Every day, Christmas included, they did fitness training. Fellow competitors derided their training as unsporting, but a new breed of sailors was emerging. They were athletes.

Keith recalls, “We sailed in Guernsey sweaters and old flannel trousers for years. You got wet, and you accepted it. But, as we progressed up the ladder in terms of competition, we realised that this was a problem that needed to be solved.” So, after taking the sailing world by storm and winning silver in Tokyo (missing out on gold by ‘nanoseconds’), he set about producing ground-breaking technical sailing apparel.

A complete list of items is available HERE or from the office along with prices and order forms.

The Club also has a range of ties, visors, beanies, coasters and assorted local sailing books.

The RYCT is happy to announce that we will be able to supply Tasmanian owned and operated Casaveen Knitwear. You can browse their quality Tasmanian products online and place your order with us, we also arrange each garment to have our Crown or Burgee Club logo embroided at no extra cost to you. Please visit www.casaveen.com.au and help support Tasmanian industry.

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